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Go from "This, No" to "Yes, That!"

Positive Thinking Reverse-Psychology for Times of Transition

Go from "This, No" to "Yes, That!"If you are in the middle of contemplating a life transition, you may be finding it difficult to find your way in the midst of confusing thoughts and feelings. By exploring the “no” feelings in your life, you can see what important things are out of sync… And then look at what feels like a “yes”, to recognize what is working and build on it.

If there are more things shouting “no” than there are things affirming, “yes,” then it’s time to daydream a little about what would make you feel more “yes” in your life, and give yourself permission to make a little more room for things that make your cells sing.

Positive thinking can improve life, but until we acknowledge what isn’t working, we can’t easily identify what will work given the right attention. Our positive intentions must be backed by a real awareness of what we are truly getting out of our current manifestation. By knowing what you don’t want, you can then shift your attention toward what you do want.

I have found that looking at life from the following perspectives has helped myself and others to identify what is and isn’t working. After answering the following questions, you can re-frame your vision toward positive life changes and the sort of powerful focus that creates exciting manifestation. Looking at the well-being of your body, finances, self-esteem, and creative expression will help identify what is and isn’t in alignment for you and will empower you to make more affirmative choices in your time of transition.

Where is “no” popping up in your life?

What is your body telling you?

  • I generally don’t “feel good” doing what I am doing.
  • My body suffers under the current paradigm: it makes me physically ill, or degrades my quality of life through a physical manifestation of pain and/or stress.
  • I feel like it takes all of my energy to be positive and focus on the good around me.
  • My energy is depleted from segmenting myself off into the specialized needs that are asked of me each day, yet do not fulfill me.
  • I have greater cravings for things that sate and soothe my body, like sweets, comfort foods, alcohol, or drugs.

What do your finances say?

  • My finances are showing a similar state of debt to my physical and emotional well-being.
  • I feel enslaved by my circumstances due to a need to improve my financial security, yet I don’t seem able to make any progress however much I try.
  • I am able to easily see the things that block my financial growth, but find it difficult to see opportunities, or to find the time or energy to explore new ideas that would help me move forward.

How do you feel about yourself?

  • There is not enough room in my current paradigm to fully be myself.
  • I do not feel valued.
  • I feel threatened or unsafe in expressing myself fully.
  • I don’t feel like I can put the appropriate percentage of my focus on things that matter to me personally or creatively.

What is your creative world experiencing?

  • I don’t feel like my ideas matter.
  • I can’t express myself creatively without feeling as if others are angry with me for taking my energy away from them.
  • There is no time for me to be creative.
  • I am afraid to take risks, because I might “get in trouble” for failing.

The “yes” feelings pave the road to positive thinking and positive changes…

The body’s way of communicating its support:

  • I feel good when I am creating things that showcase my unique talents.
  • I like getting rest, eating well, and having enough time to follow a schedule that makes sense to my body and its needs.
  • When I focus on things that make me feel good, I find that the positive emotions that result create more energy for me to focus on things that matter to me.
  • I am living in a fully-embodied way that makes use of all my strengths and allows me to step into the right environments where I feel safe and supported in my talents.
  • I have stronger cravings for things that make my body feel nourished and only eat until full. I find it easy to enjoy special treats in moderation.

How do finances look from a yes state of being?

  • My finances feel like they are in a state of healthy flow and continue to grow from a strong foundation of physical and emotional well-being.
  • My pursuit of financial success supports my goals and is another factor spurring my creativity in many areas of my life.
  • I am able to see financial opportunities and I find it easy to collaborate with others who can help me stay on track with my financial aims.

What is it like to live from an aligned sense of self?

  • My current life situation is an avenue through which I am able to fully explore who I am.
  • I support myself, and this gives others permission to be true to themselves. I also have more energy to give more direct assistance to those who can benefit from my help.
  • I see my value, and attract people into my life who also recognize my value.
  • I feel safe expressing myself because I know my own worth and surround myself by people who appreciate what I have to say.
  • Through the ups and downs of life, I ultimately feel as if I have sovereignty over my affairs and can mostly direct where I put my energy.

Is your creative self shouting “yes”?

  • My ideas are important, and I feel enthusiasm in exploring them.
  • I choose relationships and environments in which I am encouraged to nourish myself creatively.
  • I express myself because I know the world needs what I can give, and in taking time for myself, I am giving the gift of my talents back to the world.
  • I feel ready to take risks, because the thrill of what I will discover on the journey is greater than the fear of what I will lose or the mistakes I might make. I recognize that each great creation thrives on “mistakes” for its successful evolution.

Overall, is your current manifestation giving you a “no” feeling, or a “yes” feeling?

What things can you do that would help you feel your “yes”? When you contemplate the “yes” feelings you are wishing to draw into your life, what sorts of things do you envision yourself manifesting to create these feelings?

Is it time to make a transition? Do you need to change, but don’t feel ready to make a transition? If not, what do you need to feel ready?

Take one step toward it, today. While you pave the road, put your positive thinking to work today by letting your cells feel the “yes” of where you want to go. Maybe it’s just a daydream for now, but that’s how every good thing starts. Feel good imagining your brave new world now, so you can train your whole being to see opportunities that will take you where you really want to be, and you will have the energy of “yes” to draw upon while you take little steps toward your vision. (And remember, permission to move toward your dream can only come from you… There is no sacred “yes” that is more important than your own.)

The real secret to powerful manifestation isn’t just about being in a positive frame of mind, you must also feel empowered to act on your visions. I find that most of the blockages I experience are caused by making the task seem too daunting to achieve, but if I break my efforts down into smaller pieces that I can attain easily from a relaxed state of mind, I begin to flow more quickly into the worlds I am trying to create through my focused attention.

Action is a necessary ingredient to manifestation because we are embodied beings in a world that is very much alive and in motion. However, we can choose to act mindfully in the face of transition, and let our emotions guide us toward activities that fill us up instead of depleting us. Ultimately, if we are moving toward positive sensations from a belief in the positive, we can’t go far awry. Yet it is essential to acknowledge the messages our body sends us in the form of negative feelings, because hiding from them robs them of their power to transform our lives.

Don’t forget to take your body along for the ride… It possesses tremendous wisdom and is your most powerful collaborator. It will reward your positive thinking with good feelings, and these good feelings can also help to remind you when you are on the right track. If you are having trouble separating out what feels like a “no” or a “yes” in your life, then rely on your body to tell you. You might have to get really quiet to hear what it has to say, but if you give it time, it will communicate with you and help bring clarity to your decision-making.

What has been a big “no” in your life of late, and what “yes” are you moving toward?